Let’s get to know Thai drinks

One thing that I am sure you will see while you travel around Bangkok or other provinces in Thailand is Thai coffee carts. They are called “Ka Fae Boran” (กาแฟโบราณ) which literally means ancient coffee or traditional coffee. Well, these carts do not sell only coffee, but also other drinks. And today I would like to recommend you some popular drinks that are delicious and you should give them a try when you see the carts.

To clarify, I have to tell you first; I am not talking about franchise coffee shops in the shopping malls that you can easily order the drinks because the menu are written in English. But I am talking about the coffee carts on streets which have only Thai menu and each coffee carts has its own menus. It means some drinks you buy from one coffee cart might not be available in other carts. Well, all drinks that I am going to recommend you are common drinks that are usually available at every coffee cart. OK, let’s get to know them.



  • Ka Fae Yen or Thai Iced Coffee (กาแฟเย็น) – this one is dissolved coffee mix with sweetened condensed milk and sugar. Then, pour it over crushed ice.
  • Cha Yen or Cha Nom Yen or Thai Iced Milk Tea (ชาเย็น)This is one of my favorite Thai drinks. It is milky and has orange color. It made from Thai black tea mix with sweetened condensed milk and sugar. Then, pour it over crushed ice.
  • Cha Dam Yen or Thai Iced Tea (ชาดำเย็น) – This drink is similar with Cha Yen or Cha Nom Yen. They use the same ingredients, but no sweetened condensed milk in Cha Dam Yen.
  • Cha Ma nao or Thai lemon iced tea (ชามะนาว) – This drink is similar with Cha Dam Yen, but the lemon juice and a pinch of salt will be added.
  • Nom Yen or Thai Iced Pink Milk (นมเย็น) – the name and ingredients of this drink is similar with Cha Nom Yenor Cha Yen, but the color is different. The common color is pink, but you might see the green one as well. The pink color is from red sala syrup, while the green color is from green cream soda syrup.
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Since Thailand is a hot, unsurprisingly all popular drinks that I recommended you are iced drinks which are perfect for sipping during the day. I hope it helps you order Thai drinks on street. Anyway, you can ask for the hot version if you want to. Enjoy Thai drinks!

Have you ever tried these drinks? Do you like them? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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