Let’s help improve the taxi services in Bangkok and around

Recently, I have heard many complaints about taxis in Bangkok from both locals and tourists more and more. And I myself also have not-so-good experiences with taxis in Bangkok.

The majority problem that I have heard is the taxi drivers refuse to take customers to the destinations. From my experiences, there was one time that I had to hail 3 taxis in order to find the taxi driver who would take me to the destination. Hailing 5-7 taxis to get one that will go with you is quite common here.

Another problem that usually happens more with tourists is the taxi drivers refuse to turn on the meter. Instead, they offer flat rates which are, of course, more expensive.

So, maybe it is time to improve taxi services in Bangkok. 


Last two months, on February, Department of Land Transportation (DLT) has launched an application named “DLT Check-in” as a tool to get feedback from customers to help improve the taxi services in Bangkok and the provinces nearby. 

This application is available on iOS, android, and window phones. Currently it is available in 2 languages: Thai and English. To give the feedback, first of all, you have to register your phone number. Then, put the taxi license plate. Then, you can give the feedback.

I think this is a good application. It is a very convenient way to report both good and bad experience with taxis. I do recommend everyone who uses taxi service in Bangkok and provinces nearby to give the feedback via this application. And I hope the DLT would take the result from this application to improve the service seriously.

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