Lobo… It is very good for cooking Thai foods

Do you want to cook Thai food? If yes, do you know Lobo?

Lobo is a Thai food seasoning that could help you to prepare food. It is a cooking expert. If you are a beginner to cook Thai food, I do recommend you to use Lobo.

Lobo Products

Lobo has a wide range of products covering powder, curry paste, Thai sauce, dessert powder, and also instant foods.

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Where to find Lobo products

In Thailand, you can find Lobo products in supermarkets such as Tesco Lotus, Big C, Gourmet, Villa Market, and so on. In other countries, you usually find them in Asian shops. From my experience, Lobo products are very cheap when buying in Thailand, and they are a lot more expensive when buying abroad.

My Experience with Lobo

For me, Lobo is an essential thing to pack for a long-term trip. When I left Thailand for studying in Europe for 2 years, some spaces in my luggage were dedicated to Lobo products. I believe that many Thai students also do so. I was not good at cooking, and Lobo products helped me a lot! The products that I recommend are Laab-Namtok Seasoning Mix, and Sour Vegetable Curry Paste.

Have you ever cooked Thai foods? Have you ever used Lobo? How was your experience? Share it with me in the comment!


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