Lovely videos from Sangdad Publishing… I want to cook

There are thousands of videos teaching how to cook on the internet, but the videos from Sangdad publishing are my favorite ones. After watching them, I always want to cook.

Sangdad is a Thai publishing that sells cookbooks. When I first watched a video from Sangdad, I did not know that it was a video from a publishing. I was really surprised that the publishing did a very good video to promote the book; it is even much better than the videos from food websites. I would not be so surprised, if the video is from the restaurants or cooking schools.

I really liked the video, so I start browsing the other videos from this publishing. Then, I found out that the videos from this publishing are always beautiful, and also easy to follow. Here are some examples.

Thai Spicy Squid Salad with Lemongrass

Pumpkin Soup

And the series of beautiful food demonstration video can be found here. Enjoy watching!

Have you watched these videos? Do you like them? Share your thought with me in the comment!

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