Lungshan temple… a beautiful Chinese temple in Taipei

Lungshan (or Longshan) temple is a famous old temple in Taipei. This temple was included in my itinerary because I had heard that it was a beautiful temple and I also wanted to see a Chinese temple in Taiwan.


From the entrance gate the electronic sign made the temple look more modern than I had imagined. When I stepped into the temple, things such as the statue and the smell of incense sticks made me immediately felt that I was in the Chinese temple. The atmosphere was very similar to the Chinese temple in Thailand (Wat Leng Noei Yi).

The Chinese architecture style was really impressive. It was a great place for sightseeing.

Lungshan02 Lungshan03 Lungshan04

The temple was not big. It took me less than hour to walk around. I saw many locals praying and singing. I did not take many photos because I was afraid that I would interrupt them. Surprisingly, I had heard the songs that they sang before. My mother always opens this song when she prays at home.


Before going back, I saw the container that was full with flat sticks. I knew what it was. I am familiar with this kind of fortune telling since I was young. I immediately shook the container until one stick fell on the ground, and read the number on that stick (It was in Chinese language, so I asked someone around read it for me). Then, look for the prediction.


If you have never been to any Chinese temple before, I recommend this one. You will have a great religious experience, and also see the culture and tradition.

Opening hours: 6.00-22.00

How to get there: get off from the MRT at Lungshan Temple Station

Entrance fee: Free

Have you ever been to Lungshan temple?  Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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