Maeklong Railway Market (or Talad Rom Hub) is about to close for maintenance

Maeklong Railway Market or Talad Rom Hub is one of the tourist attractions in Samut Songkhram Province. Many people go there as a day trip from Bangkok.

Why does this market become attractive?

It is a quite unique attraction. I am not sure whether other places in this would have something like this. The market is a wet market which is located right along the railway line. The amazing thing is when the train is about to pass by, the sellers keep their stuffs from the train track very fast. And when the train already passes, the sellers bring their stuffs back to the train track very fast too. Many tourists go there in order to have the special experience and take photos or record the videos.

Watch these 2 videos below and see what happens when the train passes by the market. One was recorded on the train, while another was recorded on the train track.

Close for maintenance

I am writing this post in order to tell you that the train track is about to close for maintenance for 180 days starting from May 13, 2015 to November 8, 2015. So, there will be no train passing by the market during the maintenance.

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