Maokong… Have a cup of tea with nice view

Maokong is a serene tea mountain area in Taipei. People usually go there to have a cup of tea or have a meal and enjoy the nice view.

It is very easy to go to Maokong; you can take the Maokong Gondola which connects to Taipei Metro at Taipei zoo. When I visited Taiwan, the Maokong Gondola service was suspended and I took a bus to go up. It was a little bit hectic because I did not know where to get off the bus and the other passengers did not speak English. Besides, going up by bus with many twists and turns made me feel dizzy. Anyway, I managed myself to get off from the bus when I saw the Gondola station. Maokong01

There were many tea shops and restaurants, but I did not know which one was good. So, I just picked one. My next challenge was ordering foods and tea. While I tried to use my hand to communicate with the restaurant owner (he did not speak English and I did not speak Chinese), the guy who sat at the next table came to help me. He looked like westerner, but he spoke Chinese only. Anyway, He helped me by calling his friend who could speak English. And I told what I wanted to his friend. Then, his friend told him what I wanted. Then, he told the restaurant owner. And finally I got what I wanted. Wow! I really appreciate it. It is one of my memorable travel experiences!

Maokong02 Maokong03 Maokong04 Maokong05

Anyway, I was not that impressed with the foods there. The taste of the tea was so-so. Well, I have to add here, I am not a tea lover. The view was nice, but not spectacular. For me, Maokong is not a must-see place in Taipei. If you have time and love drinking tea with a nice view, you might add it to your itinerary when you visit Taiwan.

Have you ever been to Maokong? Do you like it there? Share your experiences with me in the comments!

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