MBK Center… a well-known shopping place for tourists

Today I will recommend you an indoor shopping mall in Bangkok that is well-known among tourists. Yes, it is MBK Center. Nowadays, there are countless malls in Bangkok, but MBK Center is still popular for tourists.


MBK Center is a short name of MahBoonkhrong Center. This mall is full with both brand name and local shops. What do you want from MBK Center? Eating, shopping, or watching movies? You can do all of them in MBK Center.

Shopping: you can buy almost everything you want here such as clothes, bags, shoes. The whole 4th floor is dedicated to mobile phone and accessories. The camera center is on 5th floor. The tip is before buying things here you should bargain to get the price down first. If you think chatuchak market is too hot for shopping, MBK center is your choice. ATM machines are available in the mall.

MBKCenter03 MBKCenter04 MBKCenter05 MBKCenter06

Eating: there are loads of Thai and international restaurants here and there are 2 major food zones: the international food avenue (5th floor zone A), the MBK Food Island (6th floor zone A). The latter is cheaper.

 MBKCenter07 MBKCenter08

Watching movies: the cinema is on 7th and 8th floor.


For me, this mall is not different from other malls in Bangkok. The good thing is its location which is very convenient. If you visit Bangkok and want to do those activities, MBK center is your choice.

Besides, there are malls around MBK Center. If you want to see more international brand shops, follow this link.

Update: May, 2014

Location:  MBK Center is located at Pathumwan Intersection. The easiest way to go there is to get off the skytrain (BTS) at National Stadium station. Then, take exit 4. You will see the bridge connect you to the building. Enter the building, that area is Tokyu Department store. You have to walk straight and turn left to enter MBK Center (only 1-2 minutes).

Opening Hours: Everyday, from 10.00-22.00

Have you ever been to MBK Center? Did you enjoy shopping, eating, or watching movies there? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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