MBK Food Island… a MBK Center Food Court

I went to MBK Center, a well-known shopping mall among tourist, last month. At this mall, there are two food courts. I found out that there are signs telling the customers that ‘International Food Avenue’ is located at fifth floor zone A all over the mall. But only few signs telling the customers about another food court named ‘MBK Food Island’.

Today I am going to recommend you ‘MBK Food Island’. I like it more than the other food court because it is cheaper. And, I think you will like it more too! I found out that there are many tourists eating at this food court.


‘MBK Food Island’ is located at sixth floor zone A. The food court is quite large and offers the customers various types of Thai foods. You can also see other Asian foods such as sushi and dim sum here.


Similar to other food courts in Bangkok, you have to buy a card first. Anyway, each food court has its own rule. For this food court, the card must be used and refunded on the day of purchase only and before 21.00. So, do not forget to return the card and get your money back, even if you plan to eat here again on the other days.


Actually, there are many restaurants all over MBK Center. But if you want to eat cheap local foods, I recommend this food court.

Have you ever been to MBK Center Food Court? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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