McDonald’s Thailand… you can sit there only one hour

I guess everyone know McDonald’s, one of the biggest fast food restaurant chains in the world. But, do you know in Thailand you can sit in this restaurant only one hour at a time?

Some years ago, I started seeing that McDonald’s was always crowded. But when I looked closer, I found out that they were not eating. Most of them were tutoring, and some of them were job interviewing or having meetings. Generally they simply ordered a couple of drinks or French fries, then sit in the restaurants for several hours. Some people left their belongings in order to reserve the tables. If they come in a big group (5 to 8 persons), they moved the tables and chairs to sit together. McDonald’s gradually became a workplace for tutors and other freelancers.


Since December 2012 after many customers had complained that they could not find a seat in the restaurant especially during lunch and dinner, McDonald’s announced a one-hour limit rule. They have asked their customers not to sit in the restaurant for more than one hour, and also asked customers to buy the foods while sitting in the restaurant. Besides, the electrical outlets should be used not more than 30 minutes at a time, and multi outlet extensions are not allowed in the restaurants. Moreover, unattended belongings would be removed by staff.

Many people (including me) agree with the policy, while some do not. For me, it is fair and one hour is long enough to eat and enjoy the foods. What do you think? Do you agree?


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