Me Myself… Can you love him?

Me Myself is a Thai romantic drama movie that was released in 2007, 7 years ago. The movie was quite old and nowadays not so many people talking about this movie, but it is one of my favorite movies and I want to recommend it to you.

Me Myself is a story of a man named Tan who is robbed and injured in the phone booth, and while walking out from the booth, he then was hit by a car. A woman named Oom is a driver; she sends him to the hospital. And she does not know what to do next because he has amnesia. Oom lives in an apartment with her nephew, Ohm. Finally, Oom brings him to live in her apartment too.

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Tan and Oom gradually got to know each other. Their relationship becomes more and more intimate. Finally, Tan does not want to know his past anymore, and he just want to be with Oom forever.

Eventually his memories return; he knows who he is. At the same time, the police contacts Oom to return Tan’s belongings that are robbed. One of them is mobile phone. Clip video in the mobile phone tells Oom who Tan is.

Do you want to know who Tan is? Watch the movie!

I was kind of shocked. The movie makers did a great job to surprise me. Watch it and ask yourself… Can you love him?

Personally I think some parts of the movie are exaggerated. If I were Oom, I would not allow stranger to live with me; I would find some place for him instead. Even if I said that, this movie is still a great one. If you watch it intentionally, you might know who Tan is before Tan knows himself.

Here is a full movie with English subtitle on YouTube. Enjoy Watching!

if you like Ananda (or Tan) or Chayanan (or Oom) in this movie, you can watch them together again in Happy Birthday.

Have you ever watched Me Myself? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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