Mee Pieng Ruk… a Thai romantic comedy lakorn

Mee Pieng Ruk is a Thai romantic comedy lakorn that originally aired in 2000 on Channel 3. The lakorn stars Saharat Sangkapricha (Kong), Piyatida Woramusik (Pok), Chatayodom Hiranyatithi (Chai), and Chanika Sucharitkul (Fah).



Mee Pieng Ruk can be translated as “Only Love” in English. The story is about Jidapa or Jaokha, a young woman who wants to be a detective, so she founds a company. No one hire her to be a detective as she dreams of. Most of the jobs she gets are small jobs such as finding a dog. One day Teerada comes to her company with a plan to match her handsome and flirt brother, Thanadol and her friend, Jane. This job, Jaokha has to make Thanadol meet Jane three times. The first time Jaokha has to be gypsy fortune teller and tells Thanadol that he is going to meet the right woman. Things go wrong. Thanadol knows the plan and he becomes interested in Jaokha instead. Jaokha wants to cancel this job, but she needs money. While trying to make Thanadol meet Jane, the relationship between Thanadol and Jaokha is developing. Finally the plan ends. Jaokha has to accept the truth that she loves Thanadol. However, she is reluctant to be in a relationship.

This lakorn is built based on a novel (one of my favorite Thai novels). For me, it is one of the best romantic comedy Thai lakorn. I love how smart Thanadol is. He knows everything that Jaokha plans to do. This lakorn also teaches us about taking risk in love.

This lakorn is quite old and the videos that I found on Youtube are not the HD one. I am not sure whether you can find the version with English subtitle. If you can find it, it is highly recommended.

Have you ever heard of ‘Mee Pieng Ruk’? Have you ever watched it? Do you like it? Share your thought with me in the comment!

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