Merano… My first ice skating experience

Merano is a city in northern Italy. Same as Bolzano, it is surrounded by mountains. I went to Merano with 2 friends: Luis and Mita. I could not remember why we decided to visit Merano.

We’ve been there during Christmas, so the city was festively decorated and Santa Claus was everywhere…

Merano01 Merano02 Merano03

We walked around the city, bought something to eat, and talked about homesickness. We admitted that we were homesick. Actually, I thought it was a part of studying abroad and we had to find the way to deal with it. And travelling helped!


Then, we saw ice skating rink. Luis and Mita wanted to try ice skating. For me, I preferred to see them moving around. It was my first time seeing outdoor ice skating rink. Because of the weather, unsurprisingly, In Thailand we have only indoor ice skating rink.

I took many photos of them sailing around the rink. It was the first time Luis hit the rink, but he did it very well. He could stand and also moved fluently, while Mita could move a little bit. And finally Mita fell.


So, Mita went out and I went in. It was also my first time hit the rink. I had never tried it before. Luis dragged me to the middle of the rink.


I could stand on the rink, but I did not have control over the skates.


And when I tried to move, I lost my balance and fell….


At first I was curious why Mita did not move around. Then, I finally realized that it was very very difficult to control and keep balancing. All in all, it was fun and good experience, but I needed a lot of practice!!!

Have you ever been to Merano?  Have you ever tried ice skating? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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