MK Restaurant…a Thai-style hot pot restaurant

Do you know hot pot? It is also known as sukiyaki, streamboat, or shabu shabu. Well…whatever you call it. It is a meal that we heat a simmering metal pot of broth at the table. The pot will be kept simmering, while we put the ingredients such as vegetables, mushroom, tofu, meats, and seafood in the pot. When the ingredients are cooked, we scoop them out and eat them with a dipping sauce.

Hot pot is common in most Asian countries. In many countries, hot pot meals are usually eaten during winter. For Thais, we eat hot pot all year long, but in air-conditional restaurants! These meals are casual and healthy dining meals. It is good to have with friends or family because everyone could help putting the ingredients and chatting while waiting for the cooked foods.


MK Restaurant is the most popular Thai-style hot pot restaurant in Thailand. There are varieties of ingredients to choose. The “set” of vegetables or meats is also available. So, you can either order as a set or individual. What I like here is the Thai-style tasty dipping sauce. You also can ask for chili, garlic, and limeade to add into the dipping sauce for free! Don’t worry about ordering the ingredients, the menu is provided in 3 languages: Thai, English, and Chinese (I guess).

 MK02 MK03

The must-eat vegetables for me are cabbage and morning glory. Instead of having several plates on the table, here all meats will be served as stack which we sometimes call them “condo”. If I’m not wrong, MK is the first Thai restaurant that designed “condo” to solve the space problem on the dining table.


MK is well-known for hot pot, but this restaurant also has a-la-carte and dim sum menu. What I also like here is MK Roasted Duck. Don’t forget to order it eating with green noodles. For me, Roasted Duck here is very tasty and savory!


Update: January, 2014

Location: MK is a chain restaurant with more than 300 branches in Thailand (more than 150 branches in Bangkok). You can easily find them in shopping malls.

Price: 200-300/ person

Have you ever been to MK Restaurant? Have you ever had hotpot/steamboat/shabu shabu/sukiyaki? Do you like it?

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