Mobile Apps to calculate taxi fare in Bangkok

Taxi is the easiest and most convenient transportation mode to get around Bangkok. For a visitor, who want to mainly use a taxi, you might want to know how to calculate the taxi fare in Bangkok. So, you can plan your budget in advance. In this post, I intend to share you how to calculate the taxi fare in Bangkok and also review 2 mobile applications that help you with this.

In Bangkok, taxi fare depends on 2 factors: distance and traffic congestion. For the distance, the fare starts from 35 baht for the first kilometer. That means you have to pay at least 35 baht, even if the distance is less than 1 kilometer. And Each kilometer is charged at 5.50 baht for 1st – 10th kilometers, 6.5 baht for 10th -20th kilometers, 7.5 baht for 20th -40th kilometers, 8 baht for 40th -60th kilometers, 9 baht for 60th -80th kilometers, and 10.50 baht for above 80 kilometers. And, you have to pay 2 baht per minute when a taxi is standing still.

It is not difficult to calculate it by yourself, but currently, there are 2 applications that would help you to do it faster. The first application is named “Thai Taxi Fare Calculator”, and the second application is named “Taxi Cal.” Both are available on Android.

For Thai Taxi Fare Calculator, you just choose your starting point and destination. Then choose “calculate”. The program will show you the taxi fare, the distance, and also traveling time. The fare does not include 2 baths per minute for the extra time spent in traffic congestion.

For Taxi Cal., it is available in Thai language only. To calculate the fare, you have to enter the distance and estimated time spent in traffic congestion. Then the program will calculate the fare. In the photo below, I input 10 kilometers and 5 minutes. Then, the fare is 95 baht.

These two programs require different input information. You can download both apps or choose the one that matches your need.

Happy traveling Bangkok!

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