Monaco… a small but stunning country

From a cute village named Eze, we took the bus to Monaco. Frankly, at first I thought Monaco was a city in France. And I realized later that it was a country that surrounded by France.

We arrived Monaco in the afternoon and got lost in this small country. Well, walking pass several buildings which were not main attractions made me realized that this country was very clean, nice, and tidy.

 Monaco01 Monaco02

Finally we found the palace, square and nice view.

 Monaco03 Monaco04

Buildings, church, and hotels in this country looked exquisite and luxurious.

 Monaco05 Monaco06

And this is the famous casino, Monte Carlo Casino. Even the cars in front of casino are also luxurious. Well, I love the license plate and I wish I could afford one!!!

 Monaco07 Monaco08 Monaco09

All in all, it was a stunning country, but I felt like this country was for rich. If you want to see a luxurious country, I recommend you Monaco. This country is not far from Nice. It took me only half a day to explore this country. You can make it as a day trip from Nice. From Nice, you can go there both by bus and train. No airport in Monaco, but if you are rich, you can go there by helicopter!

Have you ever been to Monaco? Do you like this small country? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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