Mount Coot-tha… Get 360 degree view of Brisbane

Mount Coot-tha is a mountain located in Brisbane, Australia. From wiki, it is also a Brisbane suburb, but this suburb does not have any residents. Mount Coot-tha is not far from the city center (only 15 minutes by car). It is one of the Brisbane tourist destinations because it offers spectacular views to visitors.

My friend and I decided to go there on the afternoon. We took a bus from the city center and the bus dropped us around the scenic point. I was stunned by the 360 degree view of Brisbane city from the lookout.

  MountCoot-tha01 MountCoot-tha02 MountCoot-tha03 MountCoot-tha04

Not only the breathtaking views, but we also enjoyed walking around the beautiful Brisbane Botanic Gardens. It was so good to walk in the sunshine in winter.

 MountCoot-tha05 MountCoot-tha06

Since we did not plan this trip earlier, we did not have enough time for the show in the Cosmic Skydome in Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, the Australia’s largest planetarium. This planetarium runs the shows regularly. You can check and select the show that you want from the website. So, you can plan and book the seat before you go.


All in all, we had a nice sunny day there, and Mount Coot-that is a really lovely place. If you are planning to go to Brisbane and want to see the city from the top, I do recommend Mount Coot-tha. Just only take a short ride; you will see the stunning scenery. And do not forget to see the shows in the planetarium. 

Have you ever been to Mount Coot-tha? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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