Munich… explore a city without a plan

After a year of studying in Bolzano-Italy, it was a time to prepare myself for Sweden. At that time I had to manage about my permit card to stay in Sweden. I know that the visa or the resident permit card are required to travel or stay in other countries, but I admit that these things are the annoying things for me. I hate filling the document, going to the immigration, and waiting for the result.

At that time there was a problem related with my documents when I applied a permit to stay in Sweden. I was worried and afraid that I could not be there in time.

While I walked in a park with my friend, she told me not to worry about this. She thought travelling could release stress. Then, in that afternoon we suddenly decided to go to Munich on the next day. We rushed to the city to buy the bus tickets.

Things to do in Munich? What to see in Munich? Food to eat in Munich?  I did not know…oh wait… Beer and sausage is a must! This was what I only knew.

When I got off from the bus, I realized immediately that I was underdressed. Even if we went there without a plan, at least I should have checked the weather forecast!

From the bus station, we walked to the train station. We saw the shop selling heart shaped cookies. I did not know it, but my friend told me that it was German Gingerbread heart, the snack that could be found everywhere in Oktoberfest (Munich’s famous beer festival). I was not that into desserts, so I did not try.


We did not get a good map from the train station, so we just followed our instinct and asked the locals.


We explored Munich by foot. After walking for a while, we then see the gate.


We took photos with things we saw along the way.


We walked pass the shopping street.


Then, we saw the two towers, the most well known church in Munich. On that day one tower was reconstructed.


We continued walking on the street until we reached Marienplatz, a central square. We took photos around and waited for the show at Glockenspiel.

 Munich07 Munich08

After the show, we did not know where to go. We used our instinct again. Surprisingly, we met Juliet and Italian lion. They should be in Italy!!!

 Munich09 Munich10

We walked to the park and watched people surfing.

 Munich11 Munich12

We ordered two small glasses of beer. See the glasses that we got. The seller told us that this was a small size.


We drank it all, felt dizzy, and got lost in the park! We should have ordered only one glass!!

Well, we managed to find the way back to the city and to the train station in time.


All in all, I was sure that we missed some tourist attraction places in Munich, but my friend was right. Travelling helped me a lot. I was not thinking about my problem during the trip. More importantly, on that day I just realized that travelling without plan was crazy fun. So, we again suddenly decided to go to Venice on the next day.

Have you ever traveled without a plan? Have you ever been to Munich? What else should I see there? Share your experience with me in the comment!



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