Muse Pass, a great deal for museum lovers

Are you a museum lover? If yes, have you ever heard of Muse Pass?

Muse Pass is a pass that allows you to visit 56 museums and learning centers across Thailand in just 199 baht. The pass is a seasonal thing and now we are at season 5. The year before there were less number of museums taking part. You can buy the pass from now until 30 September 2017 and it is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

List of museums and learning centers

The list of participating museums and learning centers can be found at photo below or for more detail at its website. If you plan to visit only Bangkok, this pass is still worth buying it. Because only visit a museum or two, it costs you more than 199 baht. For example, the entrance fee for foreign adults at Museum Siam is 300 baht. The entrance fee for adults at Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall is 100 baht. The entrance fee for foreign adults at Art in Paradise Bangkok is 400 baht. 

Where to buy

You can buy it at these places (photos below). It is sold at some participating museums both in Bangkok and outside. If you have a KTC Touch (KTC Member Card), you can buy the pass at department stores, BTS stations, and MRT stations. Besides, you can buy it online.

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