Must have apps for tourists in Bangkok

Today I am going to recommend you 5 useful mobile applications that will make your life easier while stay in Bangkok. Hope it helps.

1. ViaBus

If you are thinking about taking public transport in Bangkok, install ViaBus on your smart phone. Surely, you won’t be regret because there is no schedule for bus running in Bangkok. This application tracks the buses via GPS.  With this application, you will know when your desired bus will come and you can manage your time much better. You can see my review of the application here.

2. Grab

As you may know, sometimes it is not easy to get a taxi in Bangkok. And, if you are a tourist, some drivers might try to charge you with unreasonable price. Grab is an application offers transport booking service that recently has become popular in Bangkok. They offers several service types such as grab car, grab taxi, grab bike, and, grab car plus. Starting from sending request, then you are able to real-time see whether drivers nearby accept your request.

3. Uber

Uber is another application that offers transport booking service. It is good to have both Grab and Uber on your smart phone. So, if you cannot book a service via Grab, you can use Uber instead. As I know, Uber is more expensive than Grab. Well, for some services, they are fix-priced. So, if you have both, you can compare the price before booking. 

4. Eatigo

Eatigo is a discounted restaurant reservations application. You will get a discount when you reserve your seats via the application. Actually, this application is available in other countries also. So, you might have heard or used it before. If you are thinking about eating at restaurants in Bangkok, check this application first. The discounts could be up to 50% off. You can see my review of the application here.

5. Wong Nai

Wong Nai is well-known for restaurant reviews. You can read the reviews both on website ( and the application. An application will help you find nearby restaurants, popular restaurants. You can search the restaurants by category, dish, district, BTS Station, MRT Station, and so on. I usually read reviews & recommended dishes and check the price, opening hours from Wong Nai before going to the restaurant. Nowadays, the application also recommends places for beauty & spas. Well, most of the reviews are written in Thai. So, if you cannot read Thai, it might difficult for you to get the information.

6. Line

Line is an instant communication application that is widely used in many Thais. Shops and companies in Thailand also use Line as a channel to communicate with their customers. Line offers free chats, voice calls, and video calls. If you are going to connect with Thais, Line is a must-have application. The application is free to download and available on both iOS and Android.

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