My commencement days

When I was young, my mom always kept telling me that she wanted to see me in a graduation gown. And, I always wondered whether I could make it. I even wondered whether I could pass the exam to a university. It looked difficult for me, when I was in high school.

So, I studied hard and finally I got into a university in faculty of science, major computer science. I still remembered my early days in the university. Everything looked new for me. I had more freedom than when I was in high school. There were many activities along the year. The first semester was the most difficult one. I was stress with the exams. Soon, I adapted. I started getting familiar with studying in the university. Four years later, I got my first bachelor’s degree.

On my first commencement day I was excited. I got up early in order to go to hair salon. I hired my friend to be my photographer. I took many photos with friends and family.


Then, I decided to do master degree in information science. On the graduation day, I was less excited because it was not the first time. I did not go to hair salon and I did not hire a photographer. But, I still took many photos.

 MyCommencementDays02 MyCommencementDays03 MyCommencementDays04

Then, I decided to do my second bachelor’s degree in marketing because I wanted to learn something new outside the digital world. On the graduation day, I went to the university with few friends. I did not tell many people about this. It was just another commencement day.


Then, because of many reasons I decided to study abroad. I applied for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship, and I got it. In my program, I had to study at 2 universities in 2 countries (Italy and Sweden), and then I got 2 more master degrees.

In Sweden, the graduation ceremony was organized before student graduated. So, foreign students could join the ceremony. In Sweden, the event was more austere than in Thailand. No graduation gown and no more party. I remembered that I had to go to the city center to buy an ice cream to celebrate and make the day more special.


And in Italy, the ceremony was organized after I flew back to my home country. And I decided not to fly back to join the event.

Honestly, I have never planned to do so many degrees like this. And now no more study in the classroom; I prefer to study outside the classroom.

The more degree I got, the less I was excited with the commencement days. And, I guessed my mom also felt the same. She took photos with me only my first commencement day. Actually, my mom has never told me to do more than one degree.

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