My second time to visit Koh Kret, Nonthaburi

Koh Kret is a small island in Chao Phraya River. It is located in Nonthaburi Province which is not far from Bangkok. On August 2014, I have been to Koh Kret for the first time. And I had a chance to go there again on December last year during a long weekend. The island and things over there do not change much. It is still a great place to relax and discover slow life.

The first thing to see at this island is the white leaning stupa because it is a landmark of Koh Kret. You can see the stupa closer, if you want to.

After visiting stupa, I started wandering around the island. 

What you should not miss at this island is Tod Mun Nor Gala (Tod Mun = deep-fried fish cake and Nor Gala = local vegetable). A cup of Tod Mun Nor Gala costs 50 baht. It was yummy; I loved it.

The photo below is Nor Gala.

Besides, they also have deep-fried flowers. But, I did not try it.

A thing that you will definitely see while walking around is pottery shops. This area is famous for Mon (Burmese) pottery.

One thing that I recommend you to try when visiting Koh Kret is Thai desserts. There are many desserts that are difficult to see in Bangkok. They made and display them nicely.

I decided to buy them back home. I chose the ones I wanted and put them in the tray. Then the seller would put them in a plastic box.

This box costs 68 baht.

There are many Thai food and snack and many shops show the process to make the food.

Before going back, I had lunch there. This bowl of Tomyam noodles is delicious.

If you visit Bangkok and have time, I recommend you to visit Koh Kret. You can make it as a food trip. The food there are really nice. For the information such as location, opening hours, and how to get there, please see detail here.

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