Nang Yuan… I’ve been there twice

On July 2005, my friends and I made a short trip to Samui Island (Koh Samui or เกาะสมุย). At that time I had a chance to visit Nang Yuan Island (Koh Nang Yuan or เกาะนางยวน) and Tao Island (Koh Tao or เกาะเต่า). It was a one day trip, so we spent only few hours on these two islands. As a result, I liked Koh Nang Yuan the most. Compare to the other two islands, Koh Nang Yuan is more quiet and calm. The scene that the three small beautiful islands connect to each other by a beach is very fantastic and I told myself that one day I would go there again.


On April 2009, I planned to go back there again with my sister. This was the conversation between me and my mother when I told her about this. My mother and I are different. She does not like travelling while I always travel.

I: “Mama, I will go to Nang Yuan Island next week”

Mama “But you’ve been there”

I: “Yes, but it was a one day trip. I did not stay overnight there”

Mama: “Do you need to stay overnight on every island?”

I: “…”

I wanted to say “I don’t need to but I want to…”

Haha…finally my sister and I bought a package from Lomprayah. The package includes accommodation, bus ticket starting from bangkok, ferry ticket, daily breakfast and a snorkeling trip around Koh Tao. The ferry was quite new. Our accommodation was clean but no air condition in the room. 

NangYuan02 NangYuan05

We spent 2 nights there. This island is not big, so you could get around by walking. We went up to the scenic point, where we could see the view over the island.

 NangYuan04 NangYuan03

First time I’ve been this island. I was impressed by Japanese Gardens, a popular dive site for beginner divers. This time I was a bit disappointed because April is not a perfect time for this dive site. Anyway, I had a great time there.

So, if you want to go there, I would recommend you to go during May to September (July and August are the best months).


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