National Palace Museum… See the jadeite cabbage

I decided to visit National Palace Museum because I wanted to see the carved jade cabbage, the most famous masterpiece in the museum.

This museum is a place where you can see the collections of Chinese art. It is one of the most famous museums in the world. Most of the artifacts in this museum were taken from the Forbidden City (Beijing, China) during the war in order to save them.

The museum building is really big. There are 3 floors for the exhibition and each floor has several rooms (the fourth floor is for the restaurant). But, the space is still not enough to display all the collections, so they rotate the display every 3 months.


Well, the visitors were not allowed to take photos inside the museum, so I could show you the building of the museum only.

It rained on the day that I visited the museum. Actually, it rained almost everyday, while I was in Taiwan.


I visited the museum on Thursday. Even if it was a weekday, the museum was full with visitors. Many of them came in groups with their guides. And, I had to wait for a while to see some items, especially the famous items like jadeite cabbage and meat-shaped stone. So, my recommendation is if you want to visit this museum, you should go on weekday and should go early in the morning! It might help.

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Opening Hours: Everyday from 8.30-18.30

How to get there: get off from the MRT at Shilin Station and take exit 1. Then, take bus no. R30 (in front of Watson shop)

Entrance fee: NT$160 for adults (as of December 2010)


Have you ever been to National Palace Museum in Taipei?  Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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