New shopping places in Bangkok

Every year there are shopping places opening up in Bangkok and many are in construction. Today I am going to recommend you 3 new shopping places in town. If you are going to visit Bangkok, you can add them into your itinerary.

Tha Maharaj

Tha Maharaj is a new community mall located on Chaopraya River bank. Like other community malls in town, Tha Maharaj is not big. You can walk around within an hour. In the mall, there are restaurants, coffee shops, and bakery shops. The mall is located at Maharaj Pier, close to Chang Pier. You can have lunch or dinner here after visiting historical sites in Bangkok. You can see my review of this place here.



The Emquartier

The Emquartier is the new luxury mall which is located on Sukhumvit Road. It is a part of EmDistrict project, a project that aims to be ‘The Epicenter of Sukhumvit’. The mall connects with BTS Skytrain and The Emporium, the shopping mall under the same company. This shopping mall is divided into 3 zones and you might need to look at a map! You can see my review of this place here.

EmQuartier01 EmQuartier03

Yodpiman River Walk

Yodpiman River Walk is a new mall located on Chaopraya River bank. Similar to Tha Maharaj, it is not big, and also close to the river bank offering a nice view. You can expect to have a meal or have a rest there; there are restaurants, coffee café, and boutique shops. Pak Klong Talad, the biggest fresh flower market in Bangkok, is located in a walking distance from this mall, so you can plan to visit both places in the same day. You can see my review of Yodpiman River Walk here.

Yodpiman01 Yodpiman04


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