Nice… it is a nice city

Nice is a big city in French Riviera. The name of the city is pronounced like the word “niece” in English, and the city itself is nice like the meaning of word “nice” in English.

My friends and I stayed in Nice for four nights, but spent two days in Cannes and Monaco respectively. We reserved two days for exploring this city. Nice is the last city of our trip, but since we used it as a base to visit the area, we pretty much already saw the city.

The Russian Orthodox Cathedral


The city was decorated by big balls and Santa Clause because we have been there during Christmas holiday.

 Nice06 Nice05

The flower market looked vigorous all the time.


I liked the buildings and display windows. They were so cute!

 Nice08 Nice09

I love watching the sunset both over the sea and in the city. It was not summer, but I saw people swimming in the sea! How could they do that?!?!

 Nice10 Nice11

Climbing up the stairs to see the city view is recommended.


Besides, we also went to Cimiez, a neighborhood in Nice, which is a little off the main tourist trail. We visited the Cimiez Monastery and a lovely garden giving a city view on the back.

 Nice01 Nice02

And also the Roman RuinsNice03

After spending 2 days in Nice, we went back to Marseille in order to fly back to Italy. It was my first long trip away from Italy and this trip made me know that I needed a big rest after traveling for a week! But the assignments were waiting for me!!

Before the trip I was worried with many assignments. I was afraid that I could not make them before the deadlines. Still, I decided to travel and after day 2 of the trip, I forgot everything related with my assignments and enjoyed the trip. So, the trip already ended; and even if I wanted to sleep, it was time to do the assignments!!!

Have you ever been to Nice? Do you like this place? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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