Nice… it is a nice city

Nice is a big city in French Riviera. The name of the city is pronounced like the word “niece” in English, and the city itself is nice like the meaning of word “nice” in English. My friends and I stayed in Nice for four nights, but spent two days in Cannes and Monaco respectively. We

Cannes… I walked on the red carpet

After spending 2 days in Marseille, we went to Nice and stayed overnight there. The plan on the next day was not to travel in Nice, but to travel in Cannes first. We also planned to visit St Marguerite Island, where “the man in the iron mask” was imprisoned, too. We started the day in

Marseille… a New Year’s getaway

This trip happened because my friends and I wanted to go somewhere during Christmas holiday when I studied in Bolzano, Italy in 2011. It was my first Christmas and New Year in Europe and I wanted to make it worth my time. Most European friends came back to their home towns, but, instead of going

Tallinn… a capital city of Estonia

I do not like traveling in capital cities or big cities, but Tallinn is an exception. Actually all capital cities in the Baltic state countries which are Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius are exceptions. Tallinn is a capital city of Estonia. I took the ferry from Stockholm to Tallinn and it took me for a while

Siena… A medieval city in Tuscany

From Pisa, instead of going directly to Florence, the tourist destination, I stopped at Siena. For me, Siena is less famous than Florence and Pisa, but I had heard that this city was also worth visiting. I took this train from Pisa to Siena. It was the shortest train I had seen in Italy. At