Pee Mak… based on a popular legend of Mae Nak

Do you know Mae Nak or Nang Nak?

Mae Nak or Nang Nak is a popular Thai ghost. The legend is about a woman named Nak, who live in Phra Khanong Canal with her beloved husband, Mak. One day Nak was pregnant, while Mak was sent to the war. Nak and her child died when she was giving birth. When Mark came back, he found his wife and child waiting for him. He did not know that they were not alive. Everyone around, who tried to tell him that his wife was dead, was all killed.

Mae Nak shrine is located at Wat Mahabut (temple), near Phra Khanong Canal, Bangkok. It is near my home and I have been to the temple several times.

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The story of Mae Nak has been represented in the form of Thai movies several times. Pee Mak (or Phi Mak Phra Khanong), a Thai comedy horror film, is an adapted version of Mae Nak legend.

For me, I did not watch every version of Mae Nak, but I think this version is best one. This version is funny and overwhelmed at the same time. I not only like Nak and Mak, but also like the hilarious gang!

Here is Pee Mak Official International Trailer. Enjoy watching!

Have you ever watched Pee Mak Phra Khanong? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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