Pepper Lunch @ Bangkok, Thailand – Review

Pepper Lunch is a Japanese D-I-Y Teppan Restaurant that has branches in several countries such as Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and so on. This restaurant came to Bangkok in 2007. I have been eaten at this restaurant many times, but just have a chance to review it. 🙂

Let’s start from the menu first. For Bangkok, Thailand, there are 7 main categories: Preminum Steak, Pepper Rice, Cheesy Omelette, Combo Deluxe, Japanese Classic, Teppan Pasta, and Sizzling Curry Rice. You can see more detail of each category from its website. Besides, the restaurant also have menu of the month which will be available only that month.

All dishes, if you pay 55 baht more, you will get a Bonus Meal which is drink and side dish.

They also have float and ice cream.

On that day, I went to the restaurant with my mom. We ordered Teriyaki Double Salmon which came with rice (315 Baht).

and ordered Seafood Pasta.

Both dishes were served in iron plate. I loved the Salmon Steak (Salmon is my favorite food.. haha) (175 Baht). For the seafood pasta, the taste was good, but I did not like the shrimp and squid.

They have a set of seasoning: Honey Brown, Garlic Soy Sauce, and Pepper. You can put it incase that you want to adjust the taste.

The service was very good. When I was there (I went to Robinson Bangrak Branch), the restaurant was not packed at all. The staff here was really nice. When they served the food, they explain me how to cook it. And, also recommend the sauces to adjust the taste.

All in all, love both the food and service. Besides, the price is not expensive. So, I am sure I will visit the restaurant again.

Update: September, 2017

Location:   Currently there are about 20 branches in Bangkok. Most of them are located in the shopping malls. If you want to try, you can check the nearest branch from its website.


Price: 200-300 baht per person depending on what you order

Have you ever been to Pepper Lunch Restaurant? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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