Pha Taem National Park… the first sunrise and sunset in Siam

Pha Taem is a national park in Ubon Ratchathani province, northeastern Thailand (or known as Isan). This trip was a weekend getaway trip. I went there by van from Bangkok with friends. We visited several tourist attraction places around the national park.

Sao Chaling: it is a natural stone pillar which was eroded by rain and wind for ages. The pillar shape looks like mushroom.

 PhaTaem01 PhaTaem02

Lan Hin Taek (The Divide Stone): it is another sculpture from natural which was eroded by water and wind as well. You can see from the photos that it was a very hot day when we visited the place. So, we dedicated one friend to hold the umbrellas for our photographers. 😛

 PhaTaem03 PhaTaem04

Sang Chan Waterfall: We visited few waterfalls around. My favorite waterfall was Sang Chan Waterfall. It was a strange waterfall because the water fell through the hole. Sang Chan literally means moonlight. It was named like that because the water that ran through the hole was similar to moonlight. Besides, on full moon day at midnight both water and moonlight will run through the hole at the same time which makes the waterfall much more beautiful.


The first sunrise and sunset in Siam: We saw sunset, stayed overnight, and waited to see sunrise here. Pha Taem is the place where we could see the first sunrise and sunset in Siam (Siam is the previous name of Thailand). The sunset view was good from there, but I liked the sunrise view more. In the early morning, the area was full of fog. Then, the sun gradually rose higher and higher behind the Mae Khong River. With a cup of coffee it was a perfect moment!

 PhaTaem07 PhaTaem08 PhaTaem09

Prehistoric Rock Paintings: It is the biggest prehistoric rock painting site in Thailand. Most paintings are in red representing the way of life in that period (3,000 years ago).


Impressed? Well… sort of. It was a great weekend getaway. But I personally like travelling to northern or southern of Thailand more. Anyway, if you are in Thailand and interested in these attraction places, you can plan to visit Pha Taem.

Have you ever been to Pha Taem or Ubon Ratchathani province? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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