Photo Story: A unique city


Photo Name: A Unique City

When: July, 2012

Where: Venice, Italy

Story behind:

I do not know when and how Venice has become the city that I want to visit. I guess it is because of the romantic movies and the novels set in Venice. And also the beautiful photos of the boats in the canals.

Venice is one of my dream destinations and I think there are many people want to visit this city at least once in a lifetime. I was lucky; I had a chance to live in Italy for 11 months and Venice was a city that I visited twice.

While wandering around the main island and the small islands around, I always thought that this city was so unique. The canals and bridges that crisscross each other made this city different from other cities in the world.

Venice might be the only city in this world that does not need an advertisement to promote the city in order to attract the visitors. There are thousands of people want to visit this city from around the world. But I think they need to do something; what they need to do is try to preserve the city’s charm, character, culture, and architectural sites. And I think sometimes it is not easy to do so!

What do you think? Do you agree with my thought?

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