Photo Story: A walk in the forest


Photo Name: A walk in the forest

When: August, 2009

Where: Phu Soi Dao National Park, Phitsanulok and Uttaradit, Thailand

Story behind:

Many people like shopping while they are travelling abroad; I prefer spending time with nature and architecture of the places I visit. While living in my hometown (Bangkok), instead of going shopping at the big malls around the city, I prefer a getaway trip to immerse myself into the nature. I do collect experiences and moments, not things.

This photo was taken by my friend who I met from my first trekking at Phu Soi Dao National Park. When looking at this photo, I always feel calm and relax and also feel so small in this world. The photo reminds me of the difficult paths on steep mountainsides. I still remember my feeling along the way up to the summit; I wondered whether I could reach it. Like someone said… “Just keep doing what you are doing and you will get there.” So, I just kept walking and enjoyed the mountain views around. Finally, I got there.

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