Photo Story: Autumn in my heart


Photo Name: Autumn in my heart

When: October, 2012

Where: Karlskrona, Sweden

Story behind:

Thailand does not have four seasons. Seeing things around me changed from one season to another was my favorite experience when I lived in Sweden.

This photo was taken from my bedroom window on the day that I noticed that the green leaves were turning orange, red, brown, and yellow. It was not my first autumn, but it was my first colorful autumn.

“Autumn in my heart” is the name of South Korean drama. It is the first South Korean drama that I watched, and I could not stop watching it. It is the only drama that made me cry from the first to the last episode. And, since then I watched Korean drama more and more.

I named this photo like this because I like the drama and, more important, that autumn is still in my heart.

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