Photo Story: Autumn…or Winter …Can you tell me?


Photo Name: Autumn…or Winter …Can you tell me?

When: October, 2012

Where: Karlskrona, Sweden

Story behind:

These colorful leaves started falling on the ground. Seeing them covered with frost told me that autumn was fading away and winter was on its way.

At that time when my family or friends asked me “Has winter arrived in your town already?”, I did not know what to answer. I wanted to say that “Yes, now is winter”, but when I ask Swedish friends, they told me that “Not yet. It was not that cold”.

I knew I had not seen snow yet, but it was freezing cold for me and I could not imagine how I would survive in the winter. Well, I survived and it was the memorable winter because it was the coldest and longest winter in my life.

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