Photo Story: Clothesline above the canal


Photo Name: Clothesline above the canal

When: October, 2011

Where: Venice, Italy

Story behind:

Before living abroad, I never thought of the way to dry clothes. After living in 4 countries over 3 continents, I noticed that drying clothes is a cultural thing; people in each country have their own ways to dry their clothes. I think it depends on electricity cost, and also the weather.

In Thailand, we usually hang the clothes out to dry. In Australia and Sweden, I used dryer. In Italy, it is similar to Thailand, people hang the clothes outside. While travelling in the cities in Italy, I always see the clothes hanging on the lines. But, what surprised me was the lines were installed outside the buildings; some of them were stretched across an alley!!, while some of them were put over the canal!!!! When I saw it, I always wondered how they managed to not drop their clothes. I think hanging clothes like Italian requires skills!!

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