Photo Story: Everything has its own history


Photo Name: Everything has its own history

When: April, 2015

Where: Bangkok, Thailand 

Story behind:

This photo is not taken at the real gold shop in Bangkok. I took this photo in Yaowarat Chinatown Heritage Center, a museum about the history of Yaowarat or Bangkok’s Chinatown.

I am a Thai of Chinese descent, so Chinatown in Bangkok is an area that I am very familiar with. And, I do love visiting Chinatown in every city that I visited. Chinatown in Bangkok is much bigger than Chinatown in other cities that I have seen and it is one of the main business areas in Bangkok.

There is a thing that I have been wondering about Chinatown in Bangkok. It is about gold shops. I always wonder why there are so many gold shops lining along Yaowarat Road. And when I visited Chinatown in other cities, I did not see any gold shops there. Nowadays we can see gold shops in shopping malls in town, but many people still have to go to Yaowarat when they want to buy gold. We believe that Yaowarat gold shops sell top quality gold. But, what make people think like this?

Last week I went to this museum and my question was answered. In the past, around 200 years ago, Chinese who came to work in Thailand giving priority to wealth accumulation, but they were prohibited to buy land as their property. So, investment in gold is their option. With this practice, there were more and more gold shops opening in this area. Besides, gold shops in Chinatown also have unique interior decoration. During Chinese New Year, the shops would be crowded with people because we usually give money or gold as a gift.

Well, everything has its own history, and museum is a great place to learn history.

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