Photo Story: For female passengers


Photo Name: For female passengers

When: December, 2010

Where: Train Station, Taiwan

Story behind:

While I visited Taiwan, I mostly travelled by train. For 10 days there, I always saw the “Waiting Zone for Female Passengers at Night” sign at the certain areas at the platforms at the train stations. I, of course, saw the surveillance cameras in these areas too.

I was really impressed. I thought it was really useful not only for locals but also for female tourists like me. This thing made me felt safer in the country that I do not know the language. Besides, I had heard from my friends that it was quite safe at night there because the surveillance cameras were installed in streets in Taiwan.

In Thailand, I saw something similar to this before. In some big shopping malls, women’s parking spaces are designated. But, I do want this special waiting zone for public transportation commuters in Thailand. I wish I will see it one day!


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