Photo Story: House of the Blackheads


Photo Name: House of the Blackheads

When: July, 2013

Where: Riga, Latvia 

Story behind:

When I travel to a city, I usually walk around the old town of the city, and automatically walk pass its town square or open public space located in the center of the town. Sometimes there were events such as markets and concerts. My favorite town square ever is Riga Town Square which is not so big, but so wonderful.

I decided to go to Riga because of its famous and exquisite art nouveau which is located at the area call “The Quiet Center”. While walking from the hostel to the old town, I was stunned by the façade of a building, the house of the Blackheads in the town square. It is beautiful and also unique. Next to the building is Riga Tourist Information Centre; I would say it is the most beautiful tourist information centre I have ever seen in Europe!

For me, Riga is charming. Comparing to the other two capital cities in Baltic states (Tallinn and Vilnius), I liked Riga the most. I walked into the old town, went to the Quiet Center area. Then, I walked back to these two buildings, sat in the coffee café around, and enjoyed the views!


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