Photo Story: How could we ride bicycles?


Photo Name: How could we ride bicycles?

When: December, 2012

Where: Karlskrona, Sweden

Story behind:

I love riding bicycle. It is one of my favorite leisure activities. I love when the wind softly blows against my face. I had a bicycle when I was young and rode it with friends near my home. But, since there was no proper bike path in my city, I did not buy one when I grew up.

I arrived Karlskrona in fall and at that time I hesitated to buy a bicycle. From my apartment, to go to the university, it took around 10 minutes by bus or 30 minutes by foot. An idea to buy a bicycle came to my mind. The city has the bike paths and the university has bicycle parking racks. BUT, I decided not to buy it. I knew I could use the bicycle only 6 months or less depending on how long winter will be (I lived there one year). Besides, I would have to find a place to keep it. I could not keep the bicycle in my apartment; I had to park it in front of the apartment. And I did not want to see my bicycle buried under snow for months!

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