Photo Story: I had never known it existed


Photo Name: I had never known it existed

When: October, 2010

Where: Loei, Thailand

Story behind:

While traveling in Thailand, what I want is just to escape from bustle and hustle city I am living in, Bangkok. I usually do not expect much about trying new foods because I was born here and I think I know many of the foods in Thailand. But, while traveling to Chiangkan, northeast of Thailand, I realized that I was wrong.

This photo was one of my best breakfast meals there. It was called Kai Krata. In Thai, Kai means egg, and Krata means pan. The main ingredient was, of course, eggs topped up with sausage, sliced Chinese sausage, minced pork, and pepper and served in a little aluminum pan. It looked easy to cook, and the taste was excellent.

I have never seen Kai Krata in Bangkok before, but it is a typical breakfast in Loei and other provinces in northeastern Thailand. Not only Kai Krata, but also there were many local foods that I had never known it existed waiting me to try. I really enjoy trying the foods there. And what I could not believe was the trip became my best food trip ever!

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