Photo Story: I learned cooking


Photo Name: I learned cooking

When: January, 2012

Where: Bolzano, Italy

Story behind:

Before going abroad, I rarely cooked. Frankly, I could not really cook. Well, it was fine because my mom cooked and it was very easy to find delicious foods with cheap price on streets in Bangkok. So, there was no need to learn cooking.

But while studying abroad, inevitably I learned how to cook. When I lived in Italy, I had to cook. Eating outside was very expensive for me and I also missed Thai foods. Cooking turned to be the skill that I wanted to be good at. The useless skill became the useful skill. So, I learned cooking there. Thanks Google and Youtube for the recipes!

This photo was taken when my roommate was teaching me to make tiramisu, a popular Italian dessert. I learned to make not only foods, but also desserts. Inadvertently, I enjoy cooking, even if I am not good at. And now I am back to Bangkok, many times I prefer to cook than to eat out.

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