Photo Story: Juliet’s Statue


Photo Name: Juliet’s Statue

When: July, 2012

Where: Munich, Germany

Story behind:

Even if I have never read Romeo and Juliet, I knew the story of this Shakespeare’s famous classic novel. Besides, I knew that Juliet’s house was in Verona and I visited her house twice while living in Italy. Like other people did, I touched her right breast (it is believed that doing like this will bring you good luck especially in love).

I took this photo in Munich. While walking in Munich with friend, we came across Juliet’s Statue. I knew immediately she was Juliet; I remembered her, but why she was in Munich and what she was doing there; she should be in Verona!

I realized later that she was a replica of the one in Verona and she was sent to Munich as a gift from Verona. And in Munich, people not only touch her breast, but also leave her flowers. So, that’s why there was a flower in her hand.

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