Photo Story: more-than-24-hour journey


Photo Name: more-than-24-hour journey

When: September, 2011

Where: Milan, Italy

Story behind:

Last 3 years, I flew from Bangkok to Milan, and my destination was Bolzano, a city in northern Italy. From Milan Malpensa Airport, I took a train to Milan Centrale Railway Station. It was my first time flying to Europe, so I was excited with everything especially the crowded, noisy, and busy train station. There were so many platforms and railway lines. I was confused with the unfamiliar city names on the arrival and departure board.

I did not know what to do next for a while. I saw the ticket machine, but I was not sure if it accepted my credit card. Finally I managed myself to find a ticket counter (which was located at the underground floor), buy a ticket, then realize that I just missed the train. I had to wait for the next train for an hour or two. Then when my train arrived, I got on the wrong carriage. Things would not have been complicated if I had not brought two suitcases with me. The train did not go directly to Bolzano. I had to change train at Verona.

I departed from Bangkok around 19.00, and I arrived my dormitory in Bolzano around 17.00 (5 hours slower than in Bangkok). It was a more-than-24-hour journey and it was my longest journey so far. After that I had many chances to go to Milan Centrale Railway Station. Every time when I saw the arrival and departure board, I always thought of my first day in Europe.


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