Photo Story: My first time at a Rocket Festival


Photo Name: My first time at a Rocket Festival

When: May, 2013

Where: Gothenburg, Sweden

Story behind:

Rocket Festival (or Boon Bang Fai Festival in Thai) is a festival that is celebrated in provinces in northeastern Thailand and Laos. People believe that launching the festival brings rain. I did not know much about the festival and I had never joined Rocket Festival before in Thailand.

I took this photo at a Rocket Festival in Buddha Udayana Temple, a temple near Gothenburg, Sweden. It was my first time at a Rocket Festival.

To be frank, I am not that excited of any Thai festivals, when I am in my country. But when I was abroad, I wanted to go to temples which usually were quite far from the city I lived. I was really happy and wanted to join the Thai festivals. I could not believe that things that related to my hometown were always in my interest when I was not at home.

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