Photo Story: On the bus


Photo Name: On the bus

When: April, 2013

Where: Karlskrona, Sweden

Story behind:

I lived in Karlskrona for a year. While living there, I usually took a bus to the city center, university, and my friends’ homes. It took around 10 minutes by bus from my home to the university and 20 minutes to the city center.

During a year there, the public transportation service was one of the things I was impressed in Karlskrona, even if the fare was quite expensive for me.

There was bus schedule both at the bus stop and on the internet, and usually the bus came as scheduled. Only sometimes in winter that the bus came late, but it was not so often. In Bangkok, the city I live, there is no bus schedule and there were many times I spent more than an hour at the bus stop. So, living there I felt like I saved a lot of time at the bus stop.

Each designated bus stop has its name and on the bus there was digital screen telling the passengers the name of the next bus stop that the bus will stop. Even if I was born in Bangkok, there were many times that I got off at the wrong bus stop!

The most impressive would be the drivers. They usually wait until the passengers get on the bus before pulling away from the bus stops. Sometimes they even wait until the passengers have taken a seat! Never seen something like this in Bangkok!!

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