Photo Story: Relaxing area


Photo Name: Relaxing Area

When: January, 2015

Where: Bangkok, Thailand

Story behind:

The number of shopping mall in Bangkok is increasing. Every year we will have new shopping malls opening in town. Sometimes, I think we have too many shopping places in town. But, when I go there, I always see many people walking in the mall and also having lunch or dinner there. Sometimes they have to wait in front of the restaurants. And if I go there with private car, it usually takes more than 15 minutes to find the car parking space. Well, sometimes, it takes around half an hour. It seems like people who live in Bangkok going to the shopping malls everyday and we need more and more shopping places.

I spotted this relaxing place in Siam Center, a shopping mall in Bangkok. People are sitting and enjoying with their mobile phones and tablet. I had a question. Do people go to a shopping mall in order to buy things? Are they tired from shopping? Or they just need an air conditioner?

I believe that it may be the latter reason. If you have never been to Bangkok, you might be surprised. But if you have been here especially in April, you will understand. Bangkok is hot and humid almost all year. Nowadays many people go to shopping mall not because they want to buy something.  But, because they want to be in a place that has air conditioner!

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