Photo Story: School Shoes


Photo Name: School Shoes

When: September, 2011

Where: Milan, Italy

Story behind:

Do you know Bata? I bet all Thai students know it. For me, Bata is a school shoe brand which is very popular in Thailand. If I am not wrong, during 13 years in school I wore Bata only. I still remember the days that I wanted the Bata’s premium gifts more than their shoes! Yes, the school shoe brands always offer attractive toys to children to promote their brands.

I had thought that Bata was a local brand. I realized that it was an international brand after arriving Europe. I took this photo on the first day of arriving in Europe. I saw this big billboard hanging from the ceiling in Milan Centrale Railway Station. The Bata’s logo made me remember my school days, but the shoes on the billboard made me a little bit confused. It was not school shoes, so I was not sure if it was the Bata I knew.

After living in Italy and traveling to some countries in Europe for a year, I realized that it was the same Bata, but Bata was not a school shoe brand here (Oh yes, European students are not required to wear uniforms.). Bata shop in Italy was always full with fashion shoes. Anyway, when I walked into the shops, I always find the school shoes!


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