Photo Story: Short Train


Photo Name: Short Train

When: June, 2012

Where: Siena, Italy

Story behind:

How do you travel in Italy? For me, of course, by train. I lived in Bolzano, a city in northern Italy for almost one year. During my stay, I mostly traveled in Italy by train. The first trip was a day trip to Verona. Then, it was a weekend getaway trip to Venice. Then, I made more-than-a-week trips exploring Italy alone starting from the city I lived in summer. The route of the first trip was Bolzano-Milan-Lake Como-Genova-Cinque Terre-Pisa-Siena-Florence-Bolzano. And the route of the second trip was Bolzano-Rome-Bologna-Ravenna-Rimini-Bolzano.

I was quite happy travelling by train in Italy and I thought the train was one of the easy ways to explore Italy, even if in the beginning I was very confused with the Italian train. Some trains I had to validate ticket before getting on the train, while some of them did not require validation (And, if you buy a ticket and forget to validate, you would be fined!). Slowly, I got to know the Italian train system and know how to get the cheap train ticket!

The train in the photo is the shortest Italian train I have ever seen so far (it is even shorter than the skytrain in Bangkok). I remember that when the train arrived, I was not sure it was the train that I was waiting for; for me, it was like the train running in the park. Well, this short train finally took me from Pisa to Siena!


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