Photo Story: The effective way to present way of life


Photo Name: The effective way to present way of life

When: October, 2009

Where: Teddy Bear Museum N Seoul Tower, Korea

Story behind:

I know that Korea is a country in Asia and is divided into North Korea and South Korea. I know Seoul is the capital city of South Korea. I know this information from school when I was young.

Some years ago, I gradually know Korea a lot more. I know that kimchi is Korea’s traditional side dish. I know that hanbok is Korea’s traditional dress. I know Jeju or Cheju Island, and know that orange is its popular local product. I know a tiny island named Nami. I even know some Korean words such as ahn-nyong-ha-se-yo.

I know all of this through Korean dramas and movies. I think Korea has done very good job to promote its country, its food, and its culture. Korea has become one of my destinations. Korean food has become popular in Thailand; Korean restaurants are everywhere in Bangkok.

For this photo, who do not love these cute bears? These bears are in the Teddy Bear Museum and are used to present Korea’s past, present, and future. I love Korea’s creative and effective way to present and promote its country.

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