Photo Story: Too beautiful to be a railway station


Photo Name: Too beautiful to be a railway station

When: March, 2012

Where: Antwerp, Belgium

Story behind:

While I travelled in Europe, I usually travelled by train. I chose the trains because I travelled alone or with few friends and usually the train leaded me to the center of the cities. I saw several railway stations in Europe. Some were busy and crowded, while some were not. Some were big, while some were small.

This photo was taken at Antwerp Central Railway Station. “Too beautiful to be a railway station” I thought like this when I stepped out of the train and saw the interior design of the railway station; I felt like I was in a cathedral. It was the most beautiful railway station I had seen in Europe. And so far, it still is!

At first I thought it was only me that paid attention to this railway station, but actually it was not. This railway station was ranked number one for the beautiful railway station around the world by Mashable. And it was mentioned in many Europe beautiful train station lists.

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